Separett Weekend 7010

Separett Weekend 7010


Urine separation allows the emptying frequency to be reduced to a fifth and the characteristic hydrogen sulphide smell (the toilet smell) to be eliminated. The fan creates low pressure that quickly dries out faeces and removes any bad odours. This also ensures that the toilet is supplied with fresh air.

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Containers and bags

The contents collect in the compostable bag in the container. Urine collects in the urine basin and flows from here through an internal hose and exits at the rear.

Changing the container 

Place the cover on the container and lift it using the handles. 2 containers with covers and 10 compostable bags are included. The bags make it simple to clean the container. Containers and bags can be bought as accessories.

Odourless with fan 

The fan is at the rear and is run from a 12 volt power supply. A battery cable and mains adapter are included. The Separett Weekend can therefore be connected both to 12 volt and 230 volt power supplies..

Handling of end product 

Easy handling with urine separation Separation of urine allows the emptying frequency reduced to a fifth. Do you want to avoid the storage time read more about Roslagscompost and Burn.


The Separett Weekend 7010 is shipped within two business days from Durham, NH.