Separett Privy 501 w/ Folding Seat

Separett Privy 501 w/ Folding Seat


The Separett Privy Kits convert your existing outhouse or latrine to a urine diverting system. The 501 is a snazzy version which includes a folding toilet seat! The reduction of urine from solids greatly reduces the odor and decomposition periods. The units installs on the latrine platform and the attached urine hose diverts fluids from the current holding location. Warranty period is two years.The shipping box includes a template for the seat cut out. If you are considering mounting directly over a bucket -it requires a 14 inch diameter top. The folding seat of the 501 allows for airflow through the seat into the latrine compartment. It is best used with a fan vented latrine.

Available on backorder for July 24th.

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The Separett Privy is a urine-separation kit that easily can be fitted in an existing outdoor toilet. Urine and solids are kept separate, latrine type odours disappear and the substantially reduced waste is easy to deal with. The urine is routed via a hose to a soakaway or tank.

The Privy 501 comes with a standard toilet seat and lid attached to the separating kit. It is comfortable for year round use at places where the winters are mild. The materials are sturdy and easy to clean.

Containers and bags for solids and paper are available as optional extras.


Material: Polypropylene, recyclable

Hose: 2.5 m, Ø32 mm 

Weight: 2.6kg

Toilet Seat: Impact resistant high gloss polypropylene, recyclable.


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Coming Soon


The Separett Privy 501 is shipped within two business days from Durham, NH.