30USG Box Tank

30USG Box Tank


12″H x 24″W x 26″L

Rectangular low profile tanks for spaces with low headroom such as crawlspaces, under decks and trailers. Box tanks will also pass through a 32″ wide doorway. Sizes range from 25 imperial gallons (30 US gals) to 800 imperial gallons (960 US gals). 16″ dia. vented access/fill lid and 2″ dia. outlet fitting are priced separately and installed to suit customer requirements.

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  • Basement/crawl space
  • Portable buildings/mobile homes/construction trailers
  • Special events
  • Truck water delivery (surge baffle slots on 400/800 gal. units)
  • Fertilizer applications
  • Can stand on side or end
    (with external bracing)
  • Can be partially buried
    (consult factory)


  • Only 30″ high, or less
  • Will pass through 32″ wide doorway
  • Easily carried by two people
  • Sturdy construction
  • Will not leak or corrode
  • Access/filler cap and fittings, ordered separately
    (can be factory installed)

Ships from: Abbotsford, BC.

Ships with: Greyhound.

Ships within: 6 Business Days.

Note: We take care of customs fees crossing the border.