Remy Lamotte

🌲🚀 Rémy is a #van guy. From the moment he bought his beloved ’82 Ram-van, Rémy has been in love.🚐💨 He loves the simplicity, he loves the freedom, and he loves not paying rent! Rémy has been taking full advantage of the financial freedom that tiny living provides. #vanlife has carried him from the ocean floor of the #bayoffundy, to the beaches of #california, and up through the snowcapped #canadianrockies. Having lived, worked, and travelled out of @theramvan82 for the past two years, Rémy is certain that the tiny life is for him. 
Now the 27-year-old tree planter, builder, and Saskatchewan farm kid is about to take his #tinylife to the next level! The plan: spend the winter building a tiny house in the heated shop on his family farm. Rémy has been designing his mortgage free adventure pad for over a year and can’t wait to make the dream a reality! 💸🔨 

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