Holly and Ryan

💚 These two #Californians are inspirational! Holly and Ryan are using their "willingness to work hard, desire to live free, and ability to disconnect" to reinvent their own version of the American dream. The idea for their Redwood micro #dreamhome developed organically, but making it happen took work... a lot of work!🌲🛠 The duo harvested the trees, milled the lumber, built their own windows and doors, and even tackled plumbing and electrical on their own. When you add in Holly building her own photography business and Ryan working as a trainer for the #Burton #Snowboard Academy, that's quite the workload! 👊🏽👍🏽 Though building the 'Dragon Fly House' has taken a lot of effort, it has created a #lifestyle that allows the couple to explore their creative sides, pursue their entrepreneurial endeavors, and truly feel #alive! 💥

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