Sundware Sol-Air 19


Passive solar heating unit with fan and ducting. Ideal to heat rooms average space of 600 sq. ft. Easy DIY installation. All accessories are included.

Sundware Sol-Air 19

Passive solar outdoor heat absorption unit with fan and ducting. Ideal to heat rooms average space of 600 sq. ft. Do it yourself (DIY) - Easy Installation with step-by-step installation manual. All accessories are included.


  • High selective coated absorbers to guarantee 95% absorbance factor, 5% emission factor,
  • AND max efficiency of 75%.
  • Tempered low iron glass 4mm thickness.
  • Very well insulated to conform with the harsh North American winter season.
  • Integrated Fan box with all accessories ready to install.
  • Low noise Fan, certified and tested.
  • Longevity of more than 15 years.
  • Warranty of 5 years on collector and 1 year on Fan box.
  • Easy installation (DIY)
  • High efficiency up to 75%
  • High selective coated absorbers (95% factor)
  • Tempered low iron glass 4 mm thickness
  • Very well insulated to suit with NORTH-AMERICA weather
  • FIVE years warranty and 1 year on electric parts.
  • Height (with Fan box) 6.25 FT 1.9m
  • Width 3.3 FT 1m
  • Depth 3.75 INCH 9.5cm
  • Gross Area (with Fan box) 20.5 FT2 1.9m2
  • Net Effective Area 14 FT2 1.3m3
  • Weight (with Fan box) 72.5 LB 33kg
  • Max. Power 3838.5 BTU/Hr 1125W
  • Max. Efficiency 75% 
  • Absorbance factor 95% 
  • Emission Factor 5%
  • Flow rate range 50- 95 CFM 25-45 L/s

Ships from: Laval, QC.

Ships within: One week.

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