Separett Villa 9215


Designed to accept 12V DC power or standard AC power. Most commonly used for Tiny Homes as the fan draws less air for smaller spaces.

Separett Villa 9215

The Villa 9210 is designed to accept 12V DC power from battery or solar resource, or the AC converter - on standard AC power.  It's the perfect unit if you may be changing from on grid to off or vise versa. This is the unit most commonly used for Tiny Homes as the fan draws less air for smaller spaces.

Now with upgraded fan!



There are no temperature range restrictions for rooms where the Villa is to be installed. The toilets will function in both warm and cold locations. It must be possible to route the urine away and to mount a venting pipe. Access to 110V or 12V is necessary depending on the model.


The venting pipe can be routed through a wall or the roof. The Villa 9210 with a 12V fan can have a maximum of 2 90 degree connector pipes. If there is already a pre-existing toilet, the venting pipe can be connected to this. All Villa models are fitted with condensation collectors and the venting pipe does not need insulation.

Urine Outlet

The urine drainage pipe can be led to the greywater system (e.g. sink or shower), a soakaway or tank. Details concerning the most suitable and approved alternative can be obtained from your local Environmental Protection, Public Health and Building Departments.

Material: Impact resistant high gloss polypropylene, recyclable

Inner Container: 23 litres Polypropylene

Voltage: 12VDC/2.5W/210mA

Power Consumption: 0.06kWh/24hrs

Electrical Connection: Battery Cable 6.5' (1.9m)

Noise Level Fan: Less than 30dB(A)

Ships from: Durham, NH.

Ships within: Two business days.

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