PowerSpout LH Pro


A highly efficient propeller turbine that featuring an automatic debris cleaning mechanism. On a suitable hydro site it can produce up to 1.6kW 24/7, 365 days a year.

PowerSpout LH Pro

The PowerSpout LH Pro is a highly efficient propeller turbine that features an automatic debris cleaning mechanism. On a suitable hydro site it can produce up to 1.6kW 24/7, 365 days a year.



The LH PRO comes with all the features the PowerSpout LH has, but also has the advantage of being self cleaning.


  • Automatic outer leaf cleaner and propeller cutter bar
  • Manual grease fittings as standard
  • 2m of 4mm2 tinned PV wire for +/-/earth
  • 2 x MC4 cable connectors
  • 1 x PVC base fitting for a 200mm OD PVC draft tube (draft tube is not supplied)
  • 2 year warranty


Common version available are LH150/250/400 The number refers to the maximum runaway voltage, or Voc.  Best operating voltage, cable voltage or MPPV will be approximately 1/2 of this Voc.  So for example the LH400 works best at 200V and it should never exceed 400V.  Each turbine is custom built for your site and the voltage will depend on the site head.


  • Dimensions: Diameter 12 inches x length 42 inches (300mm x 1050mm)
  • Output power: up to 1500 Watts/turbine
  • Modular installations: up to 15 kW with multiple turbines
  • Propeller turbine (Kaplan type)
  • Generator: 10.5 in (270mm) Smart Drive Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) 3 phase
  • Rectification: 100 amp air cooled rectifier
  • Generator efficiency: > 70% and up to 80% in ideal conditions
  • Casing: LDPE plastic case 3mm thick
  • Shaft: 1 inch (25mm) stainless steel
  • Bearings: 6005
  • Warrantee: 2 years extendable to 10 years
  • Static head range: 3 – 16 feet (1 to 5m)
  • Maximum flow/turbine: 880 gpm (55 l/s)
  • Minimum flow/turbine: 400 gpm (25 l/s)
  • Voltages:
  • Off-grid cable voltage up to 250 V DC, operatingvoltage 80-120 V DC
  • Grid-tied cable voltage up to 400 V DC, operatingvoltage 160-200 V DC
  • Weight packed LH Pro: 69 pounds (31kg)
  • Weight packed LH: 51 pounds (23kg)

Ships from: New Zealand.

Ships within: 2-3 Weeks.

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