The Mini Woodsman

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Perfect for heating any tiny space. Made from 1/8" thick steel and has a large window in the door to give off awesome wood fire ambiance.

The Mini Woodsman

This mini wood stove is perfect for heating any tiny space.  It's made out of thick 1/8" steel and has a large window in the door to give off that awesome wood fire ambiance.  Mounting holes in the bottom of the legs allow you to securely mount this stove and the chrome coil spring handles allow you to operate the door and damper without having to wear gloves. 

This stove is designed to have the crimped end of standard 3” flue pipe fit directly into the top plate of the stove. Drafting can be an issue with small stoves when the door is open, so a vertical flue design with no elbows is recommended.


  • Handmade item

  • Materials: Metal, Steel, Box

  • Made to order

Weight: 23.5 pounds

Overall Stove Dimensions

  • 15.5" tall

  • 11" wide

  • 11" deep

  • Leg Length 5.5”

Firebox dimensions

  • 10" tall

  • 10" wide

  • 10" deep

BTU Output: 8,000 BTU (100-200sqft)

Stove Material:: 1/8" cold rolled steel

Stove Pipe Opening Diameter: 3"

Window Size: 3.5" x 6.5”

Glass Type: Pyroceram III

Certifications: Not rated for residential use

Door Seal: None

Installation Instructions

  • If you are not familiar with wood stove installation, we recommend seeking the help of a professional installer.

  • Place the stove 20” from any combustible materials.

  • Follow all stove pipe manufacturer’s installation instructions.

  • Vertical stove pipe orientation is recommended (no horizontal sections).

  • Clearances can be reduced by up to 2/3 if a non-combustible heat shield is used.

Ships within: One week.

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