Humless Home 30


Take your tiny home, cabin or residential house off grid. This 30 kWh storage battery system has enough power to keep a full sized refrigerator running for more than two weeks on a single charge.

Humless Home 30

Take your tiny home, cabin or residential house off grid. This 30 kWh storage battery system has enough power to keep a full sized refrigerator running for more than two weeks on a single charge.


True Off-Grid

Your typical home power storage option is equipped with a battery system that is subpar. On top of that, those batteries don’t even store excess energy efficiently. For true off-grid freedom, go with the Humless HOME plus, built to power even the most energy-hungry home in ways other batteries can only dream of.

Safe & Reliable

Lead Acid and Lithium Ion batteries are more prone to leaking harmful gases and starting fires. Our LithiumLiFe battery is much safer. Protect yourself, your family and your property with safe and reliable Lithium LiFe batteries like the one found in our HOME plus unit. Why cut corners when you can have it all?

Easy to Install & Use

Looking for a home energy storage option that can be installed in a snap by any electrician and also happens to be incredibly easy to use? Your HOME plus will be up and running in no time flat, and after that it just plain works. Designed to keep on chugging with minimal maintenance, the HOME plus is the perfect choice to power your home without the hassle.

4x Longer Life Cycle

Most Lead Acid or Lithium Ion batteries offer just a handful of full charge cycles until they need to be replaced—300 and 700, respectively. Your Humless HOME plus packs a whopping 2500+ charge cycles into one package, meaning you could totally deplete and recharge your HOME plus every day for around 8-10 years. With the HOME plus’ LiFe battery, you get 4x as many charges at a fraction of the price per charge.

One Third the Mass & Weight

One thing that isn’t big about the HOME plus is its size, with its LiFe battery weighing in at just a third of its Lead Acid and Lithium Ion competitors. Because of its decreased size and weight, your HOME plus can be installed in a flash in a far smaller space than other types of storage units, meaning you won’t have to build a guest house just to store your new battery.


Let’s get this out of the way—Lead Acid and Lithium Ion battery systems have quite a few problems. One of their biggest issues is their safety track record, with the former prone to leaking dangerous gas and the latter susceptible to igniting. Protect your home, your family and yourself with a much safer Lithium LiFe battery, the perfect combination of safety and power in our HOME plus.

Advanced Battery Management

Advanced home energy storage tech doesn’t have to require an advanced degree to understand. Our units come with ultra-simple battery management systems, allowing you to monitor your power in real time. Rest easy as you stay up to date on all the most important metrics for your home’s power system, and start living life on your terms....a life truly off the grid.

Holds Charge While Neglected

Other kinds of batteries require much more hands-on time to keep them healthy and productive. Without regular maintenance, they can lose their stored power over time. The Lithium LiFe batteries found in the Humless HOME plus do away with the issue altogether, meaning the power you generate is yours to store until you need it. Period.

No Charge Memory

Before Humless, other batteries were prone to suffering from “charge memory.” Recharging one without fully using its stored energy meant reducing the total storage capacity on subsequent charges, meaning these batteries need to be replaced very often. With the HOME plus’ smarter LiFe technology, you’ll get a full battery every time, not just the first time.


BATTERY: Lithium - 30 kWh

DIMENSIONS: 21.5" x 25.5" x 63"

WEIGHT: 595 Pounds

CYCLES: 2,500+

OUTPUT: 5000w • 7500 Peak

Ships from: South Lindon, UT, USA.

Ships with: FedEx, or UPS.

Ships within: 5 business days.

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