Humless GO Plus


The Humless Go Plus 1.3 doubles the energy storage of the .64. Setup is as easy as plugging in your phone.

Humless GO Plus

The 1.3 doubles the energy storage of the .64. This is designed for medium energy users who need a portable and reliable power system. With sizeable energy storage and durable metal shell, The 1.3 is our best seller. Setup is as easy as plugging in your phone.



Sleek Design

Modern and aesthetic, the GO Plus battery blends seamlessly with its surroundings without becoming an ugly eyesore. Measuring just 9 x 9 x 14 inches and weighing in at 46 pounds, the GO Plus is the perfect fit for just about anywhere you can think of. The Plus is built to do its job and stay out of the way, period.

Easy to Use

Off-the-grid power doesn’t get much easier than the GO Plus. Just plug it in and start charging. The Plus also supports USB slots, multiple power sources, and handles power conversion like a breeze. To make life even easier, the GO Plus utilizes a sleek LCD screen to make viewing all of your vital power metrics simple and easy, updated in real time.

Take it Anywhere

The GO Plus is built to go wherever you go. It’s the portable battery you’ve always wanted, perfect for camping, tailgating, RVs and more. Out the door, in the woods, on the road or under the stars, the Plus has you covered. With the compact GO series, you’ll never have to decide between mobile energy and other essentials ever again.

4x Longer Life Cycle

Enjoy more 8-10 years of daily charging and discharging cycles with our Lithium LiFe batteries. Your GO Plus averages more than 2500 full cycles, keeping you powered up far longer than both Lead Acid and Lithium Ion batteries at just 300 and 700 cycles each. Four times as many cycles, way fewer dollars per cycle. It just makes sense.

One Third the Mass & Weight

Portable batteries aren’t portable if they weigh a ton. Humless Lithium LiFe batteries clock in at 33% the weight of standard Lead Acid batteries. For the Humless GO Plus, that means going further than ever before—saving space and reducing weight in your camper, RV or tiny home to save room for what really matters most.


Other types of batteries just don’t come close to Lithium LiFe in terms of safety. Lead Acid batteries are capable of releasing harmful gases, while Lithium Ion batteries are the ones responsible for all those self-igniting phone recalls you’ve heard so much about. Choose the GO Plus, and choose the safest alternative for you, your family and your belongings—no matter where you are.

Holds Charge While Neglected

One of the many issues with Lead Acid batteries are that they have a high rate of charge loss over time, this is as much as 10x higher Lithium LiFe batteries. Lead acid batteries also require regular maintenance to maintain their charging ability. The GO Plus LiFe battery lasts way longer and looses battery charge a fraction of the rate of a Lead Acid batteries. Around here we have a motto—waste not, want not.

No Charge Memory

Believe it or not, many types of batteries can actually lose some of their total charge capacity as time goes on if the battery isn’t fully depleted between charges. This shortened charge cycle actually reduces the life expectancy of your battery. But don’t worry— with the Go Mini you can charge with confidence, never worry about loosing capacity due to improper charging ever again.

Advanced Battery Management

Take the headache out of power management on the go with the GO Plus’ super-simple battery management system. Take a peek under the hood and stay up to date on all the vital statistics that keep your power system humming, complete with real-time stats on power usage, charge status, available power, and any issues detected in your mobile power setup.

Storage: 1300 Watt Hours

Cycle Life: 2,500+, ~6.8 Years of Daily Use

Size: 8.85 x 8.85 x 18 Inches

Weight: 47.5 Lbs

Inputs: 120V AC Charging • 12V~50V DC Charging

Outputs: 1.5kW • 120V AC • 12V DC • 4 USB

Warranty: 1 Year, 4 Year Optional

Ships from: South Lindon, UT, USA.

Ships with: FedEx, or UPS.

Ships within: 5 business days.

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