Cubic Shingled Roof Flue Exit Kit


Compatible with both the Cubic Cub and Grizzly wood stoves, this kit is designed to safely exit Cubic flue systems through a shingled roof. Read product description carefully as 3" Double Wall Stainless pipe must be purchased separately.

Cubic Shingled Roof Flue Exit Kit

This kit is designed to exit Cubic Wood Stove flue systems through a shingled or tiled roof. For shingled roofs such as a cabin, tiny house or a fishing/hunting cabin. This kit can accommodate a pitch of up to 45 degrees.

This kit includes:

  1. High-temp Pipe Boot Flashing for a Shingled or Tiled Roof

  2. Flue Cap

  3. 5" Interior Trim Plate

  4. Support Brackets for 5" Insulated Pipe

  5. 3” to 5” Transitional Adapter

  6. 1 x 24" (or 2 x 12") long 5" Stainless Steel Insulated Pipe



Note: This kit includes only the items required to exit a Cubic Flue System safely through a roof. This kit does not come with the 3" Cubic Double Wall Stainless Steel Pipe required between the top of your Cubic wood stove and the Transitional Adapter at the bottom of this exit kit. You may also need additional insulated pipe depending on the thickness of your roof and the required height of your chimney cap. This kit only works with Cubic Mini Wood Stove flue systems.

Things to consider to complete your set up:

The 3” double wall flue pipe does not come with this kit.

The 3” double wall flue pipe goes through the 5” insulated pipe (like a sleeve). It does not stop where the 5” pipe begins.

The 5” insulated pipe starts 2” below your ceiling and goes 1’ above the highest point of the roof. If you need more than 24” of insulated pipe you would need to acquire extra sections.

The 3” double wall flue pipe goes from the top of the stove to the same 1' mark above the highest point of the roof where the 5” pipe terminates.

1 x 5” 24” long Insulated Pipe 

1 x 5” Ceiling Trim Plate

2 x Support Brackets

1 x High Temp Shingle Roof Flashing

1 x Stainless Steel Chimney Cap

1 x 3"-5" Adapter

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