Hi, my name's Jake, I'm the Director of Marketing at Tiny Life Supply. Axel and I grew up together in Smithers, always seemed to be working together, tree planting for years and then on the railway as well. We share a lot of the same passions for the environment and the future, and whenever we hang out it seems to turn into a brainstorming session of ideas, inventions and ways we could work together to make an impact. 

Our generation has some serious challenges to tackle, but we're optimistic. Innovation is moving so quickly, we're able to communicate, inspire, and collaborate with each other like never before. Like, some person in the middle of nowhere can decide they want to live in a tree fort they built out of pallet wood. Ten years ago they'd be called crazy, but today they're blowing up instagram, and seeds from their project are picked up by other builders, architects, designers, and the concept grows.

That's what's so cool about the tiny life movement. People are dreaming up wild solutions to whatever they're passionate about... minimalism, financial freedom, the environment. And then they're picking up a hammer and literally creating the change that they want to see in the world. And yeah, some of them might be a little crazy... but that's how change starts.