Apricus Solar Hot Water Kit

Apricus Solar Hot Water Kit


Solar hot water heaters use solar energy from the sun to generate heat which can then be used to heat water for showers, sinks, or even space heating. We've put together the perfect kit that will work in a tiny house or micro home.

Included in this kit:

  • Apricus ETC 30 Solar Water Collector

  • Niles 57 Gallon Solar Storage Tank with Internal Single Coil Heat Exchanger

  • Resol Deltasol BX Controller

  • Drainback Pump Station

  • 10 gal drainback tank with sight glass

  • SolarFlex 50' Dual Coil Stainless Steel Pipe

  • Small items including pump station fittings, collector fittings, and tank sensor bolt clip

  • Apricus ETC Collector Frame

Recommended to be installed by a professional.

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How Solar Hot Water Works


  1. Energy in sunlight is absorbed by the solar collector, heating up the liquid inside.
  2. The heated liquid is transferred back to the hot water tank by the circulation pump.
  3. Throughout the day solar energy gradually raises the temperature in the hot water tank. 
  4. If the solar energy is not sufficient to provide hot enough water, a backup energy source (electricity, gas, oil etc) is used to further heat the water. 

System Components

The average residential solar hot water system includes the following components:

  1. Solar Hot Water Collector (Evacuated Tube or Flat Plate)
  2. Pump Station
  3. Controller
  4. Hot Water Storage Tank
  5. Backup Energy Source

ETC 30 Solar Collector

• Twin glass evacuated tube (passive solar tracking)
• Freeze resistant heat pipes
• Only 4 braze points, extremely reliable header design
• Steam-back and drain-back compatible
• Potable water certified copper header pipe
• Flared compressions fittings for reliable, leak free connections • Cyclone rated, corrosion resistant aluminium mounting frame • 10 year limited warranty on tubes and heat pipes
• 15 year limited warranty on copper header and AL frame
• Efficient performance at high differential temperatures

Drainback Reservoir

  • Type 304 Stainless Steel Construction

  • 3⁄4” NPT Solar Loop Connections(10 & 15 gal models)

  • 1” NPT Solar Loop Connections (20 gal model)

  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 250°F

  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 45 psi

  • Rigid Polyurethane Foam Insulation

  • Thermal Resistance (R-value): 6.4 per inch

  • ABS Plastic Outer Shell and Vacuum Molded Caps

  • 1⁄2” O.D. Polycarbonate Sight Glass

  • Pressure Relief Valve: 30 psi (set point)

  • Diptube Assembly for Noise Reduction (solar return)

Niles 57 Gallon Tank

All unites are certified at 300 psi test pressure (2068kPa) and 150 working pressure (1034 kPa). All potable water connections are 3/4” NPT (19mm) on 8” (203mm) centers.

Diameter: 22"

Height: 60"

Resol DeltaSol BX Controller

  • 4 relay outputs and 5 Pt1000 temperature sensor inputs

  • 2 inputs for analogue Grundfos Direct SensorsTM (DeltaSol® BX)

  • 2 PWM outputs for the speed control of high-efficiency pumps

  • 26 basic systems to choose from (DeltaSol® BX), 9 basic systems (DeltaSol® BX L)

  • For 2- and 3-store systems (DeltaSol® BX L)

  • Drainback option (DeltaSol® BX)

  • Thermal disinfection function, heat dump function

  • Unit °C and °F selectable


The Apricus Solar Hot Water Kit ships within two weeks.