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Tiny wood stoves are becoming very popular in the tiny house, and marine markets. These tiny wood stoves are made beautifully and produce plenty of heat to make your small home warm and cozy. Make sure you look at the dimensions, so you're not surprised at how small these units are.  These stoves all come with a 3" flue pipe or less, so don't plan on using conventional flue pipe here!




Small wood stoves produce more heat than tiny wood stoves, and are just as beautiful. Wood stoves have the added benefit of removing moisture within your small home which is very important. Look at our BTU chart to compare heat output between the stoves! 



Wind turbines are the perfect supplement to an off grid solar system. Winds are stronger in winter and at night, and that is when your solar system is weakest. Make sure you live in an area with consistent laminar winds before you consider a wind turbine.