Tiny House Wall Exit Flue Kit

Tiny House Wall Exit Flue Kit

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For some installations a wall exit makes the most sense. This kit comes with the parts necessary to exit through your wall. You will need additional double-wall insulated pipe to complete your installation.

Note: This kit does not fit seamlessly with the Cubic Cub or Cubic Grizzly Mini Stoves. A Cubic Mini ‘Stove to Flue’ Adapter must be mounted on your Cubic Stove to transition to standard 3” flue kits. For Cubic components check out the Cubic Double Wall Flue Pipe or our Flat Roof Exit Kit.

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Flue Diameter:
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4" Flue Exit

This kit is for venting 4” stoves like: The Dwarf 4kwSalamander HobbitNavigator Cod & Sardine out the roof of tiny houses, sheds or small cabins.

5" Flue Exit

This kit is for venting 5” stoves (like our Dwarf 5kw Small Wood Stove) out the roof of tiny houses, sheds or small cabins.

Included in this kit:

  • Single Wall Telescoping (Allows some margin to easily install single wall pipe between the chimney pipe and stove flange)
  • Single Wall 90deg Elbow Fitting (turns vertical pipe horizontal for exiting out the wall)
  • Single to Double Adapter (Connects insulated pipe to single wall stove pipe)
  • 10” Double Wall Insulated Stainless Steel Pipe (2″ Clearance from combustibles)
  • Wall Thimble (For exiting through the wall)
  • Tee Support Bracket (For supporting the weight of the chimney pipe)
  • Insulated Tee with Cap (For making the horizontal pipe transition to the vertical)
  • Wall Support Bracket (For securing the chimney pipe to the wall)
  • Storm Collar (Fits around insulated pipe and keeps elements of the pipe boot joint)
  • Roof Vent / Cap (Covers the top of the insulated pipe)
  • Insulated Pipe Clamps x 3 (Secures roof vent and single to double adapter to the insulated pipe)
  • Single Wall Pipe Clamps x 2 (Secures telescoping pipe & 90 elbow to adapter)


Since every installation is a little bit different you will need additional single wall pipe and additional double-wall pipe to complete your installation. The kits components gets you everything you need to exit the wall minus the single-wall runs of pipe inside the structure and the double wall insulated runs of pipe outside the structure.

If you need assistance with calculating how much pipe you need contact us with your plans and the dimension of your space.