Humless GO Mini

Humless GO Mini


The Go Mini is our lightest and most portable power system weighing only 35 pounds with 0.64 kW (640 Watts) of energy storage. It’s built with an easy carry strap that’s fixed to the durable metal shell. This system is designed for light to medium energy users. Setup is as simple as plugging in your phone. It’s the perfect size for home, work and travel use.

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Sleek Design

Its modern, aesthetic design makes the GO Mini the battery you’ve always wanted but never had. Clocking in at just 34 pounds and measuring just 9 x 9 x 14 inches, the Humless GO Mini is the pint-sized solution to all of your mobile energy woes. The GO Mini is designed to blend seamlessly with its surroundings rather than stick out like a sore thumb.

Easy to Use

Among mobile rechargeable batteries, the GO Mini is as easy to use as they come. Just plug and charge—it’s that simple. The GO Mini supports multiple power sources, USB slots, and converts power for you on the fly. Plus, the Mini sports a handy LCD screen to view all of the most important usage metrics, keeping you up to date in real time.

Take it Anywhere

Meet your new travel buddy—the GO Mini is designed to go wherever you do. Up mountains, down valleys, on the road and out the door, the GO Mini is perfect for tiny houses, camping, tailgating and more. Its size makes bringing your new battery along for the ride easier than ever, meaning you won’t ever have to choose between electricity and other necessities again.

4x Longer Life Cycle

The GO Mini’s state-of-the-art Lithium LiFe battery boasts over 2500 FULL cycles, or about 8-10 years of daily charging and discharging. Compare that to the Lead Acid and Lithium Ion batteries of our competitors with 300 and 700 cycles respectively, and it’s easy to see Humless blows them away with 4x the cycles and less money spent per cycle.

One Third the Mass & Weight

Lead Acid batteries lead the terms of size and weight. Humless LiFe batteries are trimmed down to be 33% as bulky as the other guys. For the Humless GO Mini, that translates to your battery taking up way less space in your RV, van, boat, camper or tiny house. Sometimes big power comes in tiny packages.


Lithium Ion batteries and Lead Acid batteries can both pose serious risks to you, your family and your property. The former can sometimes burst into flames—remember all those phone battery recalls? The latter can sometimes release poisonous gases. We built a battery free of both issues, keeping you and your family safe wherever life takes you.

Holds Charge While Neglected

Neglecting your Lead Acid battery is a recipe for disappointment, these batteries slowly losing their charge over time without regular use and routine maintenance. If you’d rather keep the energy you’ve already stored, choose Humless HOME—our LiFe batteries don’t need constant coddling to keep your energy safe and sound, exactly where you left it.

No Charge Memory

When we talk about charge memory, we’re referring to the tendency of certain batteries to “remember” improper charging procedures, your battery will stop charging to its full capacity—forever. The GO Mini ALWAYS charges to its manufactured capacity, every time. With the Go Mini you can charge with confidence, never worry about loosing capacity due to improper charging ever again.

Advanced Battery Management

Meet the brains behind the GO Mini’s operation. Our Lithium LiFe management system keeps a close eye on your battery, monitoring charge rate and total available power around the clock and feeding you valuable info in real time. Forget guesswork and worrying when your lights are going to cut out—the GO Mini makes mobile power management easy.


Storage: 0.64 kWhs

Cycle Life: 2,500+ (daily use), ~6.8 Years of Daily Use

Size: 8.85in x 8.85in x 14in

Weight: 34.5lbs

Inputs: 120V AC Charging • 12V~50V DC Charging

Outputs: 1.5 kW • 120V AC • 12V DC • 4 USB

Warranty: 1 Year, 4 Year Optional

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