Infranomic 2'x4' Mirror Radiant Heat Panel

Infranomic 2'x4' Mirror Radiant Heat Panel


2' x 4' Mirror Radiant Heat Panel panel provides a clean minimalist look. Excellent for the office or home decor.

Only a 120 V power outlet is required to operate the heater and no maintenance is required. All materials in the heater are 100% recyclable. In conjunction with green power. Radiant heating is the world ‘s cleanest heating system. Radiant heat promotes blood circulation and helps purify and detoxify the body.

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  • Less equipment and Energy

  • For eliminating of Water, Mold, Mildew, no demolition of Walls, Floors, Celling necessary

  • No need for the removal of furniture

  • In most cases you can occupy the Rooms during the application

  • Less Energy consumption

  • Less cost no Repairs to Walls, Flooring, Ceilings

  • No chance for Mold Particle during drying get circulated in the Air

  • Radiant Heat will eliminate the chance for mold on the outside of the Walls (inside of the Room) during drying no Air circulation

  • No Noise during drying (therefor you can occupy the Rooms in most instances)


Color: White/Black
Receiver Plug: United States


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