Tiny Life Designs

We've created a number of tiny house plans for our own projects and our friends. We use Sketchup to create the plans; feel free to use, share, or modify our work. 


The Local Lane

  • House Type:   Micro Home

  • Dimensions:   12' x 16'

  • Footprint:   192sqft plus loft

  • Framing Style:   Stick Frame

The Highroad Home

  • House Type:   Cabin

  • Dimensions:   14' x 14'

  • Footprint:   144sqft each floor

  • Framing Style:   Stick Frame / Post and Beam

Remy's Tiny House

  • House Type:   Tiny House

  • Dimensions:   24' x 8'2"

  • Footprint:   196 sqft plus two lofts

  • Framing Style:   Stick Frame