Wood Stoves

Add a small wood stove to your tiny house or micro home. Our small wood stoves are a perfect fit for small spaces, and produce dry heat to keep your tiny house warm throughout the winter.

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Cubic Grizzly Mini Stove - tinylifesupply.com
Cubic Grizzly Mini Stove
Cubic Cub Mini Stove - tinylifesupply.com
Cubic Cub Mini Stove
The Mini Woodsman
The Mini Woodsman
Drolet Spark - tinylifesupply.com
Drolet Spark
Dickinson Marine Newport Solid Fuel Heater - tinylifesupply.com
The Base Camp Stove
The Base Camp Stove
Century S245E - tinylifesupply.com
Sold Out
Century S245E
The Woodsman
The Woodsman
Kimberly Wood Stove - tinylifesupply.com
Kimberly Wood Stove
From $3,995.00
Katydid Wood Stove - tinylifesupply.com
Katydid Wood Stove
Josef Davidssons Viking 30 - tinylifesupply.com
Sold Out
Josef Davidssons Viking 30
Josef Davidssons JD 320 - tinylifesupply.com
Sold Out
Josef Davidssons JD 320
Drolet Rocket - tinylifesupply.com
Drolet Rocket
Drolet Pyropak - tinylifesupply.com
Drolet Pyropak
Drolet Outback Cookstove - tinylifesupply.com
Drolet Outback Cookstove
Drolet Hunter - tinylifesupply.com
Drolet Hunter
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