The Move


It's very cool what you can accomplish with a few bottle jacks, steel beams, and a trailer. I built these houses with the intent of moving them. I'd never moved anything before, so this was a big learning process for me. I've always heard the older generations go off about moving a farm building like it was no big deal. Our generation is losing a lot of skills due to socioeconomic trends and advancements in technology. This was a very cool thing to do, and now I totally appreciate houses built on a trailer!



I built the two houses at my dad's shop.  He has a great workshop, and lots of experience building, so I knew he wouldn't let me do anything too stupid.  My intentions were to complete both houses before summer hit, but you know how things work.  Get distracted by new projects and move on; no looking back.  I moved the houses to the other side of the property; a very small move.  A good introduction!  I'll move them both again soon.


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