The three common ways to heat your tiny house are using wood, propane, or electricity.  Because I was building off-grid, using electric heat was out of the question.  The battery bank can not keep up with something running constantly at 1,500 Watts.  So it was between wood and propane, and I chose to use both.  I love wood heat; I mean, who doesn't?  There's something calming about relaxing in front of a wood stove in the evening.  That being said, in my case wood couldn't cover the entire burden of heating my house.  What if I want to head out of town on a ski trip?  I couldn't let the pipes freeze, so I needed a backup that could run while I was away from home.  So, propane.  I already had the intention of plumbing the house for propane for cooking and hot water, so adding a heater was just another step.

Wood is a dry heat, where propane is wet.  Something to take into consideration when building a tiny house.  Because the volume of the house is so small, moisture buildup is very rapid and can turn into a problem.  Using wood heat can circumvent this problem, but if you decide to go with propane, you may want to consider using a dehumidifier to control the humidity.

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