Tia Scheffer

Portrait of Tiny Life Supply ambassador Tia Scheffer wearing green safety goggles, yellow ear muffs and a pink respirator.

Introducing our 8th Tiny Life Renegade: Tia Scheffer! If an apocalypse hits and you want to survive, stick with Tia. Whether she's exploring remote island chains in search of surf, fending off mountain lions with #phyllisthedog, or battling the elements as a tree planter on the coast of BC, this self described apocalypse fantasizer makes any adventure look easy! After spending 2016 living in a tent trailer, Tia fell head over heels for tiny living. She loves that while living in a tiny space, every little thing has to have a purpose and a place. She discovered that if her living space was clean and organized, her head would follow suit! Now Tia is taking this minimalist approach to the next level with her largest project to date: a full on custom school bus conversion! Tia plans on creating an off-grid oasis for her and Phyllis, a studio for her leatherwork business thickasthievesgoods, and a #bugoutvehicle in case the world comes to an end. "Whatever kind of apocalypse it might be... I'll be ready."

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