Scott Hanson

Tiny Life Supply ambassador Scott Hanson posing for a photo crouching on top of his green retro dodge vanlife conversion van.

If you were somehow able to meet Scott two years ago and tell him what his future had in store, he probably wouldn't have believed you. He never would have imagined that in one years time he'd be speaking Nepalese at a conversational level, living in a tent on the other side of the world, and using his construction skills to help rebuild the lives of families in need. Scott has been on an amazing path since the devastating earthquakes struck Nepal in 2015. He listened to signs from the universe when they told him to go... and more importantly, he listened to his heart when it told him to stay. Along with @consciousimpact and a dedicated group of local workers, Scott has built several water systems, gabion retaining walls, washroom facilities, and a 70 person primary school in Bimire! Having returned to San Francisco for the monsoon season, Scott now has a new project on the go: a full on conversion of his gorgeous 95 Dodge Ram van! Kitchen, bed, storage, awning and a full on solar system! Scott's plan is to create a mobile off-grid tiny house to support his weekend wanderings, while also helping him save rent for his next trip to Nepal!

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