Paul & Danielle

Tiny Life Supply ambassadors Paul & Danielle sitting together on a porch.
Once in a while you meet people living such incredible lives that it inspires you to do the same. Cofounders of @madhucollective, Paul Girardi and Danielle Hachey are those kind of people. From leading international yoga-surf camps with @feathersfur to cultivating a ‘collaborative care’ collective in their home town of #Rossland BC, this duo’s commitment to health and happiness is contagious! And with an endless desire to be outdoors, living #tiny has come naturally. Having lived in both a #PNW tree fort and a tiny beach bungalow in #Nicaragua, Paul & Danielle have learned to minimize the amount of shelter they actually need. Armed with years of firsthand experience, the couple has now broken ground on a #passivesolar eco-cabin build of their own. Natural tree-style posts, a #cordwood wall, and a cozy loft are just some of the elements included in their thoughtful micro home design.
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