Gabrielle Nelson

Tiny Life Supply ambassador Gabrielle Nelson lying on her bed in her westfalia camper van

If you get invited to Gab’s birthday, don’t bring a present. It’s not that she wouldn’t appreciate the gesture... but when you live in a VW #westfalia, you just don’t have room for ‘stuff’. The twenty-something snowboarder considered building a small house after college, but with so many beautiful places still left to see, she couldn’t decide where to put down roots. A #minimalist at heart, when Gabrielle discovered #vanlife she rolled with it! And life on the road is suiting @gabriellenelson_ perfectly. The simplicity and lack of distraction have allowed Gabrielle to not only chase powder in the mountains of the #PNW, but to pour energy into her other passions: photography, journalism, and her business @slowroadsupply. Her newest endeavor: build out the adventure wagon! Gabrielle isn’t entirely sure where her van will take her, but with a kitchen, #woodstove, and #solar system, it will be set up to follow the #slowroad for a while!

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