TruForm Tiny

TruForm Tiny House Builder

Eugene, Oregon

Jen, Malia & Jon⁣

Known for Craftsmanship⁣

With backgrounds as diverse as you’ll find in the industry and over 50 years of building experience in their back pocket, the team at TruForm Tiny can take your project from the design phase all the way to completion in-house. Their spectrum of skills also allows #TruForm to find #creative solutions to each client’s needs, and to build homes specific to their owner’s #adventure. And in addition to their gorgeous designs and builds, @truformtiny is a certified #passivehouse builder, committed to #sustainability, and integrates high-end #local materials into their builds.⁣

“It's our vision that our clients walk away happier, more empowered, and #inspired by the beauty and comfort of our product. We believe that by building on such a small scale, beautiful finishes become more accessible, and #sustainable choices become realistically attainable.” - TruForm Tiny


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