Dwell Containers

Toronto, Ontario

Dave Livingstone & Mike Reid

Known for Eco-Friendliness!

At the intersection of #innovation and #sustainability, you will find Dwell Containers. With environmental thoughtfulness woven into everything they do, our newest partners have been building a reputation as crafters of truly jaw-dropping #containerhome designs. By #upcycling used shipping containers, Dwell’s mission is to reduce the impact our homes have on the #planet by both lowering the need for new building materials and reducing home sizes.⁣

Working with customers across North America, Dwell offers comprehensive consulting services, which include design consultation, planning, budgeting, engineering, and drawings. But Dwell offers more than just engineering services. For customers in the greater Toronto area, Dwell Containers offers complete build services, and can service customers throughout North America with their extensive “Builder Approved” network.⁣⁣

“We believe that we can repair the ecosystem and live responsibly. We believe in #community. We believe in less #house and more #home. We believe that together we can build a better #future for ourselves and for our children.” - Dwell Containers⁣⁣


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