Tiny House Builders

Summit Tiny Homes

Summit Tiny Homes

Armstrong, BC

Oliver & Cera

Known for Craftsmanship!

From the moment Oliver and Cera saw the potential of tiny living, they were hooked. They fell in love with the simplicity, freedom, and green possibilities, and began a mission to introduce the tiny house lifestyle to the Okanagan. And the mission has been successful to say the least. With custom designs, industry leading quality standards, and the ability to offer financing, Summit Tiny Homes has built a reputation as the Okanagan’s premier tiny home builder! 

“The Okanagan has so much to offer and we felt like we were always too busy to grasp all of its glory. The moment we saw the potential in a tiny home, we were hooked!”-STH


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Exterior of tiny house on wheels built by Wind River Tiny Homes

Wind River Tiny Homes

Chattanooga, Tennessee


Known for Integrative Design!

Designers, builders, advocates and owners, the folks at @windrivertinyhomes are truly passionate about the tiny house movement. As tiny home dwellers themselves, the Wind River team has a unique and practical perspective for creating a functional yet beautiful tiny living space.

“We believe that tiny living can give people the freedom, both in time and money, to live authentically and with purpose. Sometimes you have to think big to live tiny.”-WRTH


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Exterior of tiny house on wheels built by Liberty Cabins

Liberty Cabins

Anderson, CA

Dominic & Arlin

Know for Value!

Liberty Cabins is trail blazing a new standard in the Recreational Vehicles industry. Whether creating a tiny house on wheels or converting an adventure van, the Liberty team’s #craftsmanship and attention to detail make for a breathtaking result.

“We take pride in our craftsmanship and our quality, that is why you will see on every unit our brass logo displayed proudly front and center.”-LC


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Interior of tiny house built by Rewild Homes

Rewild Homes

Nanaimo, BC

Patrick, Jessica & Thomas

Known for Quality!

If you’re hunting around for a builder to help with your tiny dream home, Rewild Homes checks all of the boxes. Sustainable. Affordable. Family-run. Beautiful designs. Unbeatable craftsmanship. Dedicated to supporting the movement of living simply, using less, and doing more, Rewild has been creating innovative high-quality housing solutions on Vancouver Island since 2012.

“We are simple, sustainable, and specialized. We started this company to follow our dream of making a difference in the community.”-RH


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Exterior of tiny house built by Zyl Varos

Zyl Vardos

Olympia, WA

Abel Zyl

Known for Creativity!

Stepping into a Zyl Vardos tiny home feels a little like crawling into a JRR Tolkien novel. Celebrating their 11th year in the tiny house industry, Abel Zyl and his team have established a mythic like reputation for their outstanding craftsmanship and creative design. A founding member of the American tiny house Association, Abel has transitioned his residential and marine building experience into a full blown art form! The Zyl Vardos builds are know for their imaginative roof lines, windows and doors, and have been featured by the likes of HGTV, National Geographic News and Forbes Magazine.

”Zyl Vardos specializes in highly functional, forward-thinking, uniquely-styled tiny house structures. We offer a wide variety of original designs or can create something completely new. Our workshop is located in Olympia, WA, USA and most of our structures can be shipped anywhere in the continental USA.”- ZV


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Exterior of tiny house built by Tiny House Crafters

Tiny House Crafters

Londonderry, Vermont

Anderson & Kate

Known for Customer Service!

Headed by Anderson and Kate, Tiny House Crafters is a family run business creating beautiful tiny houses with designs. Compelled to deeply understanding the needs of their customers before taking on a build, Tiny House Crafters have quickly built a reputation for outstanding customer service and support. As tiny house dwellers themselves, Anderson and Kate share their experience with the community not only as builders, but through their inspiring blog & YouTube channel!

“Our custom models reflect our years of experience building in a New England climate and working closely with our clients to design unique, one-of-a-kind tiny houses.”-THC

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Exterior of wood and metal tiny house on wheels

Borealis Tiny Homes

Prince George, British Columbia

Marco Giroux

Known for Design!

Inspired by micro-living, Marco Giroux has discovered that building tiny homes is the perfect outlet to express his creativity. For over ten years Marco has been maximizing space in a way that is both beautiful and functional, upgrading the classic design of RVs to withstand harsh #Northern climates.

“With Borealis Tiny Homes, no compromises need to be made. The entire home can include both quality materials and superior craftsmanship. When choosing a micro home, you can live tiny and still live large!”-BTH


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Exterior of tiny house built by Teacup Tiny Home

Teacup Tiny Home

Lethbridge, Alberta

Jennifer McCarthy

Known for Design!

The main goal at Teacup Tiny Home is to grant people the opportunity to obtain financial freedom! With the Albertan Rockies as a background and just north of the Montana US border, Teacup Tiny Homes are creating CSA approved tiny homes that are both insurable and eligible for financing because of their certification and quality control program.

“We help by simplifying life, removing clutter, and lowering the cost of living. With savvy designs and alternative thinking, we create tiny luxuries that are innovative, affordable and a place to call home.”-TTH


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Exterior of Airstream trailer by Mini Maison Signée Sitka tiny house builder

Mini Maison Signée Sitka

Boischatel, QC

Annie & Martin

Known for Innovative Design!

Founded by two experienced Quebecois builders, Mini Maison’s mission is to both maximize eco-eficiency and decrease maintenance requirements through thoughtful function-first design. Living in a mini-home themselves with their three children has given the couple unparalleled tiny living design insight. With hammer in hand, these travelling visionaries are on a quest to provide their clients with financial freedom, a gentler ecological footprint, and a simpler way of life.

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Interior of tiny house built by Liberation Tiny Home

Liberation Tiny Homes

Lancaster County, PA

James & Rosemary

Known for Value!

The goal at Liberation Tiny Homes is to construct tiny homes with excellent craftsmanship, durable materials, and to be affordable to a wide range of demographics. Liberation Tiny Homes has built their company to reflect those values & to fulfill dreams of living more economical and responsible lifestyles.

“We pride ourselves in being more affordable than 80% of the industry all the while maintaining our top-notch craftsmanship. While others have handled this strictly as a financial opportunity, we want to stay focused on our goals of providing an affordable housing option.”-LTH


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Blackbird Tiny Homes

Blackbird Tiny Homes

Calgary, Alberta

Mark & Dylan

Known for Quality!

The goal at Blackbird is to help people work less and live more by realizing their tiny house dreams! Based out of Calgary Alberta, their team is made of journeyman trades professionals and off-grid specialists building homes that can stand up to both the frozen Canadian North and the scorching summer heat of the Southern US.

“Whether your goal is reducing or eliminating debt, travelling more, or just living more simply, we are here to help make your dream possible”-BTH


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